Bruce Anderson is now about 7 years old and Robert Dunbar is a little over 5; Bruce Anderson is a sickly, slender child with a cotton head, and Robert Dunbar is a chubby, brown-haired boy with very rosy cheeks, and is well marked. Therefore, it does not take a “King Solomon” to decide which is which. The Anderson child was taken off by Walters without his mother’s consent, if Julia Anderson tells the truth about it, but she certainly has not told the truth in many other instances.

If we have Bruce Anderson, how does he know that I left the place where he was lost on horse-back with a little negro behind me: how does he happen to remember where his little cousin kept his air rifle; that I rode he and his little cousin in a boat and slapped water on them a month before he disappeared, and in numerous other instances identifies himself?

I have my boy and none other, and I am getting sick and tired of these misrepresentations by newspapers, and if they don’t stop, I am going to see if there is any law to make them. Very respectfully,


(Shreveport Times, reprinted in Alexandria Town Talk, February 25, 1914)